Monday, February 26, 2018

The Florida Shooting

I'm just going to cut and paste from the Instapundit himself:
MY USA TODAY COLUMN IS ON OUR PERVASIVE INSTITUTIONAL ROT: Florida shooting yet another government failure to keep us safe: From the FBI to local law enforcement to the schools, every institution failed. We have more government than ever, but it isn’t working. “People are being asked to trust the government to keep them safe, when the government is patently unable to do so. And then, when the government fails, it engages in blame-shifting deflection. Why should people listen? Increasingly, they won’t.”
There was also this:
DON SURBER: Why We Had The Parkland Massacre. “Stop suspending kids and stop arresting kids, and guess what? The percent of students suspended or arrested drops. Brilliant. Thus, law enforcement officials visited the shooter 30 times, knew the shooter was trouble, but did nothing because the statistic was all important.”
What more do I need to add?

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Mike Thiac said...

This is a long list of problems. Federal law enforcement is known to hold back info on possible threats and not letting local law enforcement know. The Boston Bombers, the San Bernardino shooters, etc.

We were supposed to move from "Need to Know" to "Need to Share" on classified information after 9/11. It's still needs work.