Sunday, February 11, 2018

"My Body, My Choice"--Unless Feelings and Compulsion Are Involved...

...Then lefties throw their mantra right out the window:
WEST HAVEN, Utah -- When Natalie Richard’s sixth-grade daughter told her she couldn’t say “no” if a boy asked her to dance at Kanesville Elementary’s Valentine’s Day dance, she didn’t believe it at first.

“Oh no, no honey," Richard said of her reply. "You guys are misunderstanding again. That’s not how it is."

However, after speaking to her daughter’s teacher, she realized the statement was accurate.

“The teacher said she can’t. She has to say yes. She has to accept and I said, 'Excuse me,” Richard tells Fox 13.

Richard took her concerns to the school principal.

“He basically just said they’ve had this dance set up this way for a long time and they’ve never had any concern before,” she said of his response.

Lane Findlay with the Weber School District confirms it’s a rule, but he said it’s meant to teach students how to be inclusive.
That school system has some sickos running it.

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cthulhu said...

This seems in the same vein as those who claim that a man who won't date a trans "woman" is sexist. Except I don't understand how this one appears to favor the boys - who ever heard of that in a modern school system?