Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lefties Are, In General, Cowards

I read this and thought, "Yep, 100% true":
Our own Sarah Hoyt wonders if there isn’t a cosplay aspect as well:
The thing is that children – and LARPers [Live Action Role Players] – don’t play at things that are real to them. I’m fairly sure children in the frontier, during the long war between Amerindians and settlers didn’t play cowboys and Indians.  It was far too real to them. And part of what made Robin Hood and the Sheriff enjoyable was, of course, that I (okay, sue me, I was always Robin Hood. Look, it was an all girl’s school) could be caught, beaten, thrown in “jail” (it was actually a space behind the oak on the playground) and then when the bell rang, we’d dust ourselves off and go back to sums and spelling.

It’s the same thing. The left is playing at being oppressed and being brave resisters because they know they aren’t. They know they’re not in any way threatened, even if they’d probably rather die than admit it to themselves.  They know they can go around sloganeering and screaming and calling a freely elected president a tyrant and the equivalent of Hitler, and no one will do anything. People won’t even be rude to them. They certainly won’t be as rude to them as they’d be to anyone who so much as dares to express a conservative opinion in liberal circles.
Of course — when covering Trump, the media get to pretend they’re the equivalent of the plucky, brave WWII French Résistance, which goes in large part to explain why they’re quite sanguine over doxxing otherwise anonymous Trump supporters and with lunatics shooting up GOP congressional softball games.

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