Thursday, February 01, 2018

12 Rules To Live By

At 52 I'm closer to McArdle's age than Oprah's, and I agree that these are pretty good rules to live by:
Yesterday was Jan. 29, meaning that Oprah Winfrey and I are each a year older: 64 and 45.

Forty-five is somehow a very definite year; there is no question that you are middle aged.

At 45 one takes stock. The building years of your life are over, and what you are now is pretty much what you are going to be. Soon it will be what you were.

You can no longer tell yourself that you might move to Lisbon, learn Portuguese, and take up the guitar. You cannot learn Portuguese at your age. You can’t remember new words anymore; you can’t even remember where you have left your keys.

So it seems a good opportunity to do two things. First, to wish Oprah Winfrey a happy belated birthday. And second, to address this “12 Rules for Life” meme that you young whippersnappers have got up to on the social medias. I am probably more than halfway through my life now; I ought to have some rules.
The first one: Be kind. Not a bad rule to start with.  The most interesting one:  Don't try to resolve fundamental conflicts with your spouse or roommates.

Read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Your link doesn't go to the article.

Darren said...

Fixed, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... you can certainly learn Portuguese at age 40+. My parents came to this country when they were in their 40s and they learned English, albeit with a thick accent. But, nevertheless, they learned it!
Good list, regardless.