Thursday, January 04, 2018

A Cloudy Day on College Campuses?

Marijuana is illegal in the United States but "legal" in a few states, including California.  I think it's perhaps more correct to say that possession and use of certain amounts of pot are not against state law in California; California is still (nominally?) part of the Union, and hence pot is illegal in California.

Having said that, how about pot on California's campuses?
Anybody 21 or older can legally buy recreational marijuana in California starting Monday. But they still can’t take it to school.

Officials from the Sacramento-area campuses of Los Rios Community College District, the University of California and California State University say school policies barring marijuana on campus and at school-sponsored events have not changed since California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalized recreational cannabis.

The colleges all have similar drug policies saying possession or use of illegal drugs, including marijuana, on campus could result in disciplinary action ranging from treatment programs to dismissal.

“While marijuana is regulated differently in California, the federal government still considers it illegal,” said Anita Fitzhugh, a spokeswoman for California State University, Sacramento. “As a state entity receiving federal funding, Sacramento State is obligated to follow federal laws regarding drugs.”
Odd that California gets federal monies but doesn't feel obligated to follow federal law.

Update, 1/5/18:  In related news, the following screenshot comes from Instapundit:

This is exactly correct. It is not up to the states to determine which federal laws they will comply with, and neither should a sitting senator expect the President and his administration not to enforce federal laws--when making sure the laws are faithfully enforced is the very definition of the President's responsibilities.  If the senator doesn't like the law, he should exercise his Article I prerogative and change the law.

Cory Gardner is clearly an idiot.

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Ellen K said...

Probably long after I am gone, research will demonstrate that use of pot is detrimental in many ways. We already know it reduces IQ in teenagers who use it regularly. It also impacts memory and can impact some genetic dispositions. Just as with tobacco, there's been a heavy campaign to decriminalize pot, to make it appear harmless. If you look at the dates when pot became more common and the rise in childhood asthma, adult emphysema and even autism, you have to wonder about cause and effect. I've asked friends who were doctors about research on the flaws of pot and they said none of the major research entities will touch it because the political fix is in. In other words big money is positioning itself to market pot and make a killing, including the government.