Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Leftie Tolerance

No one who's paid attention is surprised by this.  Heck, I'm not even surprised she said it publicly:
Isn't it funny how top Democrats love to talk about "tolerance" and "compassion" when they are, in fact, the least tolerant and least compassionate people out there? Take this tweet from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for instance:
It's always wonderful to see liberals talk about the people as if they were some kind of collective with shared interests. That's nonsense, of course. Some people benefit from this policy, others from that one. The belief that "the people" are somehow one — and united — has caused major suffering worldwide. Just think about North Korea. The Soviet Union. Mao's China. "Modern" Venezuela. And Cuba. In every single one of those countries, leaders talk about "the people" constantly, while expanding their own personal power. One of their favorite tools? Sending opponents off to the gulag/prison/concentration camps.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that Pelosi tells California Republicans who dare support President Trump's tax bill to leave the state. Stalin, Mao, Castro, Kim, and Chavez would have agreed. Send them off to the gulag!


Ellen K said...

I honestly believe that we will see term limits in the next ten years. The days when someone like Conyers is permitted a free rein to intimidate, bully and abuse people are waning. The Founders never thought anyone would want to stay in the contentious stew of Washington DC for a lifetime-yet we have current congresscritters who went there as interns and stayed as staffers or even congressional reps for forty, fifty, sixty years. Look at the ages of the leadership-Pelosi is over 70, McConnell is around that age. They have no skin in the game when they make decisions that will hurt generations to come. They need to RETIRE.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen. Term limits must be introduced and voted on by the very folks that would be affected by them. They are NOT going to vote against the gravy train.