Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Double Entendre

So this pervert got a few thousand of his fellow Utahans to agree that the plural of the new school mascot, the Phoenix, sounds too much like male genitalia.  The school's spokesman didn't help matters with his double entendre:
Fraughton then proposed that students, who chose a phoenix as their mascot, be allowed to vote a second time so the Davis County School District doesn’t “bear the responsibility of our children being bullied.”

Chris Williams, a rep for the school district told Fox 13 Now, "We don’t see anything about the plural version of phoenix having anything to do what’s going to be happening at the school or on the football field."

"We think students are going to rise to the occasion," Williams said. 

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Anonymous said...

My immature high school self would have LOVED a phallic-sounding mascot. Certainly wouldn't have "risen" to the occasion to protest it.