Saturday, September 09, 2017

It's Booked

For my week off next February, here's what my friend and I came up with:

Option A:  Iceland.  Again.  Most expensive option, but also the most exciting.
Option B:  St. Maarten.  This was an option before the hurricane.  I assume that much will be repaired 5 months from now.  Our trip would be a valuable contribution to their economy.  Midling option.
Option C:  Mexican Riviera Cruise.  Cheapest and easiest option, also the least exotic.

After consultation today the decision has been made.  I've already booked the flight, and I've sent my friend 4 Airbnb options from which to choose.

Which option do you think we chose?  Here's a hint:


KauaiMark said...

That's not Mexico...

Anonymous said...

Iceland is always good... But bring lots of money. I was there two years ago and got 130 kr to the dollar. I was there a couple months ago and got 105 kr. Plus everything was more expensive.

Buckets of money.