Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Sad Situation All Around

Sue and Wil are my classmates from West Point.  West Point cadets at that time were divided into 36 companies of 100+ cadets who lived and ate together and roomed in the same barracks, and Sue and I were in the same company from the beginning of our sophomore year till her departure at the end of our junior year.  I knew of Wil, knew who he was, but didn't really know him at all.  Wil was not in our company.

I read Sue's 2013 blog posts accusing Wil of rape and was saddened by what I read.

Based on the details I read in those blog posts, I know whose story I found more credible.  I don't know if a rape occurred or not.  Almost thirty years after the fact I don't know how a determination could be made one way or the other.  This wasn't a rape case, though, it was a defamation case, and the jury decided fairly quickly whom they believed.

This is just a sad situation all around.  The last four years have been a black mark on our class.

And for a variety of reasons, I'm not going to say publicly which one of them I believed more.

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Ellen K said...

I have heard there are psychologists and counselors who are relabeling early sexual experiences as rape. This is similar to the counselors who induced "recovered memories" from people years after the fact. There's no proof what happened other than one person against the other. All it does it defame one for the sake of ego gratification. I'm not saying whether it was or wasn't rape. I know that these days many of my female students believe they should be able to say, wear or do anything and never have someone misunderstand a cue. I'm not sure where this all ends, but I know someone's making money on this gambit.