Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lefties, You're Not Going To Like The New Rules You're Instituting

You want more Donald Trump?  This is how you get more Donald Trump:
Professor Eric Canin will be returning to California State University, Fullerton to teach classes despite allegedly assaulting a College Republican on campus.

The incident took place in February, when members of the College Republicans were peacefully counter-protesting an anti-Trump rally on campus. Canin approached members of the club, calling them “uneducated” based on their political stance before allegedly shoving at least one student in anger.
If conservatives responded in kind there would be less such violence.  The left is making the rules, and when conservatives ditch the high road and start playing by these new rules, the lefties will be most unhappy.

Of course, the faculty union supported the professor, saying he's been "unfairly vilified" by the College Republicans for, what, having the temerity to be assaulted by him???

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Helen said...

The double standards are just unbelievable. When the Evergreen professor refused to be forced off school grounds by violent anarchists, the school turned on him, claiming he endangered students - and he was even liberal, just not quite as far left as they wished! But if a professor shoves a student, he gets a pat on the back instead of arrested because the student was Republican? Just unbelievable. Do you remember the professor at Boston College who made those racist tweets? The school defended her until alumni threatened to halt the cash flow. Had the races been flipped, she would have been fired without second thought, never to work again.