Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Schools Should Focus On The 3 R's

I think part of the reason so many in the education community love the mission creep in our schools is because worrying about all this other stuff, including feeding children 2 meals a day, is a lot easier than actually teaching them:
In The Wall Street Journal recently, New Hampshire physician Dr. Aida Cerundolo blew the whistle on faux mental-health assessment of public-school students in the Granite State. Some K-8 students are being subjected to blanket screening by untrained, unlicensed personnel, with serious questions about use or protection of the resulting records. And parents not only haven’t consented to this process, they haven’t even been told it’s happening.

We have written about the disturbing conversion of public schools from places of learning into therapeutic institutions for diagnosing and treating perceived social-emotional problems. This is all part of so-called social-emotional learning (SEL), which is pushed by the new fed-ed bill (the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA). Not that ESSA has to push very hard — the mammoth and monolithic K-12 education establishment, both federal and state, is partnering with corporate education cronies to get all children on the psychiatric couch. From there, the kids can be more easily shaped to demonstrate the kinds of mindsets and attitudes the government wants.
When you rely so much on government education centers, "government" wins out over "education".


Anonymous said...

I'm ok with schools teaching about mental health and having psych classes (I think there are definitely merits in learning about mental health and putting good habits into practive), but I agree that the fact that it's done by untrained or unlicensed people and without notifying the parents is quite disturbing.

Darren said...

This isn't about *classes*, this is about so-called screening.

Hey lefties, do you want *me* giving your kid a mental health evaluation? I didn't think so.