Thursday, June 08, 2017

Girls Can Wear Whatever They Want?

There's an easy solution to this:
A note left urging female students at a Canadian high school to respect “male education”, and to stop wearing skin-baring clothes at school just because “it’s too hot outside” has sparked a sexism row.
Here’s how you accomplish the desired result without giving certain people an opportunity to complain about the policy: claim that if they’re showing too much of their bodies, they’re creating a “hostile work environment” and are subject to discipline under the school’s/district’s sexual harassment policy. And then enforce the implied threat.

No leftie can speak against sexual harassment.  Problem solved.


Anonymous said...

I always hate this topic because modesty can be so subjective. Just make the dress code unisex and consistent (ie no one can show shoulders, or everyone can wear shorts at least x length). I do hate the argument of respecting "male education" though because it takes away responsibility from guys in controlling themselves and is quite demeaning actually, though it's not appropriate on its own merit to come to school intentionally over-sexualized for either party.

Ellen K said...

I am so tired of being the fashion police.
Girls these days weren't brought up wearing dresses every day. Consequently they have no idea how sit or walk or anything without showing off the groceries, as it were. I went to a senior awards show which was held on stage. Many of the girls wore dresses that barely grazed below their behinds and they wore sky high heels. It was obvious to the teachers on stage that the recipients on the front row were getting an eyeful. And to top it off one of our younger teachers decided to show up on stage in her gauzy white dress-no slip-lights showing everything. With boys it was just sagging and the occasional smutty tee shirt. With girls it's too low, too high, too tight or the never failing joy of leggings which are not opaque being worn as pants.

I want uniforms. Everyone can wear khakis, blue or white shirts and whatever shoes they want. I'm tired of it and I'm tired of the girls' attitudes that boys just shouldn't look--I have no way to convince them that males are psychologically visual creatures which is why pornography is still a thing. It is distracting when they dress like strippers. I don't know if their parents realize how their daughters are dressing, but I suspect some think it's cute to have letters written across your butt.