Friday, May 26, 2017

Relatively Easy Day

Today was Senior Checkout day.  As I have only seniors 1st, 3rd, and 5th periods, and planning period 2nd, I didn't have students until 4th period today.

Which made it a good day to get an eye appt for training in how to wear my new contact lenses--which I wear at night, and which sort of reshape my eyes for good vision during the day.  Got to school in plenty of time for 4th period's quiz, the average of which was over 90% (no, it wasn't the hardest quiz in the world, but it included a proof by induction).  Then it was lunch time, followed by no students 5th period, so I wandered down to the local park, where our post-checkout seniors were having their senior picnic.  They ran out of Chipotle burritos before I could snag one, but eventually the pizzas showed up and I got a slice of pepperoni.  And I also got two cups of Pinkberry frozen yogurt covered with M&M's, so all in all not a bad deal.  Got back to school in time to give 6th period their quiz.

Got home and got the pickup and trailer ready for a short shakedown cruise to see if anything needs to be looked at before my Colorado trip this summer.  Tomorrow I have to go to the eye doctor again so he can take a look at my eye after a night of wearing the lenses, and then I'm off for a night or so.

Probably won't blog again till Monday--let's see if I can take a couple days off!


Ellen K said...

Where are you going in Colorado? I highly recommend Mesa Verde, Durango and riding the Silverton narrow gauge train. They are having a fairly cool spring so far, so take a jacket and watch for the winter warnings. have fun.

Darren said...

Not going to that part of Colorado :( I'm heading to Colorado Springs, where I was stationed in the army, and an army buddy from those days and his wife are meeting me there. Then I'm headed to Denver to meet up with a high school friend of mine and his wife.

I do need to get to SW Colorado one of these days. Great Basin National Park in Nevada, too.