Sunday, May 07, 2017

Is The Definition of Misogynist "Someone Who Didn't Vote For Hillary Clinton"?

If so, would that make all the 2008 Barack Obama voters misogynists?

Doesn't look like she won, but I'd have worn an "I'm With Her" shirt for Marine Le Pen's run in today's French election :-)

Name-calling is the one thing lefties are good at, whether the names make any sense or not.  And bummer for them, no one's even paying attention to their pejoratives anymore. 

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Anonymous said...

I remember the 2008 Democratic primaries.

Hillary supporters to Obama supporters: "The ONLY reason you don't support Hillary is because you are SEXIST!"
Obama supporters to Hillary supporters: "The ONLY reason you don't support Obama is because you are RACIST!"

Much gasping followed, how could they be racist or sexist? Only the other side could be those things!