Monday, May 29, 2017

I Can See

Friday morning I was trained to put in my new contact lens--a hard lens, one that will reshape my eye while I sleep and obviate the need for glasses or contacts the next day.  Thirty-plus years of looking up when putting in a contact lens must be discarded, I now have to look directly at it as I poke it into my eye.

So I put it in Friday evening.  Saturday morning, when I took it out, I could see.  At my appointment a couple hours later my doctor told me that we'd achieved 75% of the correction we'd planned on in just that one night.  This leads us to hope that perhaps, in time, my vision will be good for perhaps 2 days at a time before I'll need to put the lens back in again.

I was a little emotionally overwhelmed Saturday morning when I could see so clearly.  It was more than I expected, especially after only one night, when for others it can take a week.

It makes me so...happy.


Steve USMA '85 said...

Is this a new alternative to Lasik? My daughter wants Lasik but I am leery of it since I have a co-worker whose Lasik went bad and she is miserable everyday.

Darren said...

It's not new--my doctor said he's worn these types of lenses for 20 years now.

I ruled out surgery. This seems a middle course between surgery and glasses, and I'm ok with that.