Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Free At Last!

My original plan was to take the last test of my master's program after school tomorrow.  Tomorrow turns out to be a bad day for test-taking, though, and since I figured "there's no time like the present", I arranged to take the test during my prep period this morning.  So that's how I occupied myself from about 8 to 9 this morning.

Unless I missed something horrific, the test was relatively straightforward.  There was nothing unexpected on it, and my answers to the problems seemed reasonable.  I'm predicting a very good grade on this test.

That was the last test of the last class of my master's program.  It's all done except the paperwork-filing.  I dug out the papers from 5-1/2 years ago in which district mucky-mucks approved my participation in this program--as soon as I can get a transcript I'll take all this paperwork to the district office and ensure I get that pay raise I've worked 5 long years for!

And now that I have my afternoons free--no more studying!--I think I'll go take a walk :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It will be a well deserved raise.

Pseudotsuga said...

Hopefully all those tests go well, and the paperwork is filed correctly.
Good job on a long-term task well done!

Steve USMA '85 said...

Congrats Darren! Enjoy your walk, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding paperwork, etc. Transcripts from the college usually take a while to get finalized. My superintendent allowed me to photo-copy grade cards along with a note from a professor and adviser stating all requirements have been completed pending future receiving of an official transcript. I completed my Masters during the summer and it was close timing! I wanted to make sure my pay raise was going to start at the beginning of the school year. My transcript wasn't available until 6 weeks after school started!
P.S. Congrats Darren!

Ellen K said...

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I remember the feeling when I typed the last line of my thesis and was finished! Almost surreal moment when so much time and work to get to that moment. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Mike Thiac said...

My advise to you, is to start drinking heavily! :<)

Congrats man. Make sure you get your stuff filled out for the money. Hey, with all this aggravation you've gone through, you've eared it and then some.

Take care...can't wait to see ya next month.