Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When Truth Becomes Hate Speech

I've not previously heard of psychology professor Jordan Peterson, but I like what he says here:
Peterson also sharply criticized ‘safe spaces’ on college campuses, women and gender studies, and activism.

Discussing his public refusal to use pronouns other than “he” and “she,” Peterson said, “One thing I won’t do is use the made-up words of postmodern neo-Marxists, who are playing a particular game to gender identity, as an extension of their particular reprehensible philosophy"...

“I think disciplines like women’s studies should be defunded,” he said. “We’re causing full time, destructive employment for people who are causing nothing but trouble. What they promote has zero intellectual credibility.”  
The response is, of course, predictable:
Some students criticized the group for inviting these speakers, arguing that it gave a platform to hate speech.
Hate speech is obviously defined as "speech I don't like".

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