Monday, March 06, 2017

Not Really Satisfied With The Answer

Last night, 5 days after I emailed a request for help/clarification, I got a response from my professor.  I shouldn't fault him for effort, as it's clear that he spent a lot of time and effort on his response.  The problem is that he didn't answer my very specific questions.  In other words, he didn't clarify what I needed clarifying.  He answered in many of the same generalities that currently have me entirely lost.

So now comes the calculus.  I know students do this all the time, make calculated trade-offs in order to get the best possible return given non-ideal circumstances.  I think I'll give the homework one more try, and then I'll just turn it in with the 40% of the problems I have absolutely no clue about undone.  Then he'll send me the solution key for the homework, and from that perhaps I will be able to divine some of the clue I'm looking for--because right now I'm clueless.  I think that's my best shot right now at not entirely bombing the unit test.


three of clubs said...

What's the topic? I have some free time and might be able to help.

Darren said...

Isometries of R3 and Rn. I don't understand enough to explain more than that. I turned in the assignment last night, I anticipate getting the answer key today or tomorrow and should be able to "reverse engineer" my learning from there.