Sunday, March 12, 2017

Not My Idea of an Ideal Weekend

My sister took me to brunch yesterday--win!

Several of us from work met for dinner last night and one of the teachers picked up the tab--win!

So that's the good.  Here's the not-so-good.

We met for dinner last night because we all had to work at the school dance.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes working at school dances.  The sweat, the smell, the noise, the desperation, the hootchie-mama dresses the girls all wear now--nobody likes working at school dances.

And then there's the switch-over to daylight savings time.  Always an unpleasant experience.

And in a few hours I have to go back to school to meet with our visiting accreditation team. 

And when I get home from that I have to study for a test in my master's class.

I would actually look forward to Monday, but tomorrow I have to give up my prep period to meet with the accreditation team again!

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