Saturday, March 18, 2017

Liberal Logic: Fix One Government-Caused Problem By Creating Another One

Why are housing costs in California "skyrocketing"?
Amid California's housing crisis, several state lawmakers want to give cities the ability to dramatically expand rent control, including imposing the kind of strict limits that once existed in Santa Monica and West Hollywood but have been barred since the 1990s.
Those who don't know economics are doomed to repeat the mistakes of other liberals. Don't forget this post.


Pseudotsuga said...

Arrgh, that's painful to read. Don't the idiots realize the root of the problem? But social justice folks always double down...
In their cargo-cult minds, they hold up the icons of "social justice," hoping the gods will smile down on them and return to the land once again.

Mike Thiac said...


A point I've made about a critical mistake made by the Bush administration. One of the points made in the 9/11 AAR was the Director of the CIA wasn't powerful enough to coordinate intelligence for the government. That's been know for generations. Unlike MI-6 in Britain, the Director of Central Intelligence has little control of the collectors and their budgets, so he couldn't direct the production of intelligence. So what do we do? We created the Director of National Intelligence, as one more level of bureaucracy

As I've said more than once, what is the only objective of any bureaucracy.