Sunday, March 05, 2017

Lefties are Fascists

I'm not going to add anything to these pictures.

If you think it's OK to physically assault people who think differently than you do, then you are by definition a fascist.

If you're going to try to explain or justify what these fascists do, I want nothing to do with you.  You are subhuman.

Remember, my side likes the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment.  You'll keep attacking the peaceful, unarmed people because you're cowards.  Much like the Japanese in WWII, though, you won't like the results when you awaken the sleeping giant.


Anonymous said...

Fascism. An authoritarian and nationalistic right wing system of government and social organization.

Come now, we know you're smart enough to use a dictionary. Next.

Darren said...

Wanting more government control is *not* right-wing, at least not as we understand the term here in the United States.

You know who called Fascists and Nazis "right" wing, as an insult? Stalin. Because they were only socialist, not true communist.

Come now, we hope you're smart enough to read a history book. Next.

Pseudotsuga said...

Wow, Darren, that's a pretty weak species of troll you got there. Did you leave the screen door open so the gnats can fly in?

Ellen K said...

Anyone who seeks to control the media and the message using force to silence opposition is by definition a tyrant. That the Left likes to consider fascism as simply an avatar for the alt Right demonstrates how little insight they have into their own movement. If someone doesn't pull the rug out from under university thugs, Soros funded paid leftist mobs and a media which appears to be disinterested in the actual work of researching a story, we will wind up with a far more serious problem.