Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Iceland Pictures and Video--Gullfoss (the Golden Falls)

First, an R&B introduction (from the 90s):

Iceland has many spectacular waterfalls, but the one most tourists see is Gullfoss, on the "Golden Circle" Tour which includes the falls, the Geysir/Strokkur geysers, and a rift valley.  Gullfoss is beautiful, consisting of a shallow falls followed almost immediately by a deep falls that's at almost a 90 degree angle to the first!

First, some July 2015 video so you can see the greenery:

Didn't I say it was a beautiful falls?  Here is some video I took last week:

I have some more HD video, but the size limitations on Blogger prevent me from posting them here.  I'll post them on Vimeo and provide links.  It's over 200 MB of video I'll have to upload, so you'll probably have to wait until tomorrow to see them!

Until then, let's see Puffy and me at Gullfoss one more time :)

And of course we have to contrast it with a summer shot:

Update:  I didn't plan to stay up until the files uploaded, but I did--and here they are:

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Anonymous said...

Is Puffy planning his Scotland tour, where he can have a family reunion on the Isle of May after hunting Nessie?