Sunday, February 05, 2017

What I'm Doing While I'm *Not* Watching The Super Bowl

Last year's Black Panthers-inspired halftime show was the start, and the ex-49ers quarterback's refusal to stand during the national anthem--with the support of the league--was the final straw.  I've not watched an NFL game all season.  I did watch a quarter and a half when I met a friends for ribs at Cattlemen's, but that was it. I'm not going to support an organization that supports blatant anti-Americanism.

Looks like I'm not the only one who feels this way:
A major newspaper demands Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady answer for his support of President Trump. Lady Gaga will use her halftime show to sing about "equality" and "inclusion." The insufferable and polarizing cast of "Hamilton" will sing "America the Beautiful." There will be not one but two ads hectoring us over the issue of immigration.

All of this is happening, not during the Oscars or the next hour of CNN, but during that only time of year when Americans of every political stripe were once allowed to come together for a 5 hour oasis away from politics and the culture wars … the Super Bowl.
So instead of the Super Bowl, I'm studying for a test I have to take on Thursday. First test of my last master's class, woot.


Ellen K said...

I spent most of the day watching a Mary Tyler Moore binge on Decades TV Network. We were getting the cars gassed up during half time because after the politicizing of the national anthem by the Hamilton trio, I was done. We did watch the last quarter and I have to hand it to Brady, he's a pure champion-he brought his team out of nowhere to win. As for Gaga, the 84 lumber ad or any of the others-we didn't watch! And guess made no difference in our lives. Until overpaid entertainers-celebrities, actors, musicians and athletes alike-start realizing they are not essential to our welfare and stop injecting politics into every damned event, it will continue to be a toxic environment.

Anonymous said...

You missed a good game, and actually a pretty good halftime show. No political statements besides singing "Born this Way" (which is debatable if it was political).

But I applaud you for sticking to your protest. Most people that boycott usually last a week or two.

Anonymous said...

You say that the 49ers quarterback's refusal to stand during the national anthem is "blatant anti-Americanism," yet you still have a photo of him up in your classroom... this does not add up

Darren said...

His quote is accurate--even if he *is* an anti-American a-hole.