Thursday, February 16, 2017

Not An Overwhelming Victory

Not a crushing defeat either, though.  I got my first test back in my current (and last!) master's course.  I expected a low A, I got a high B--89%.  I'm more disappointed in that than perhaps I should be, but I'll let this serve as a motivator not to slack off.

I've been getting up every morning for the past few weeks and studying 15-20 min for my cumulative test, which I take in April.  Talk about high stakes--if I score well enough, I get my master's degree.  If I don't score well enough, I don't.


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three of clubs said...

Keep it up. It seems like a serious course with real math expectations. I taught a graduate Linear Algebra Course for Phoenix for a few years and had variable results. Bunch of people showed up for credits and forgot some of us are still a bit old-school in terms of learning as opposed to life-long learning. My favorite student was a lieutenant colonel from the marines who turned in perfectly formatted documents with mostly correct answers and kept asking for further problems. His final comment as we finished the course (amidst a bunch of complaints), was to keep my standards high, because no one else would.

I really can't imagine keeping all the math I have ever learned in my head at the same time anymore. It comes back real quick though.

Best of luck as you finish your Master's degree. And I hope to keep reading your blog for many more years.

Again, best of luck!