Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do You Have A Fire Extinguisher?

Had a little engine fire in my truck yesterday; fortunately it happened just as I pulled into my garage, and not out on the road somewhere.

I grabbed my house fire extinguisher--how long has it been empty?  I rushed into my travel trailer and got the fire extinguisher I keep in there, and that put the small fire out.

Today I went out and bought a fire extinguisher each for my car, my truck, my trailer, and the house.  The several dozen dollars I spent on them is a pretty cheap insurance policy.


Mrs. Widget said...

So this week I should check all my emergency stuff. school and work. smoke alarms, eye wash extinguishers. I checked my mobile first aid kit Friday.

Darren said...

If it saves just one life...

I've never been one to follow that type of justification, but fire extinguishers are so cheap that there should be one in every home. I'm being *overly* protective!

Auntie Ann said...

Costco sells fire extinguishers!

I remember as a kid, my parents bought a cheap car as an interim vehicle before my dad got a company car (do they still do those?) I think it was the very next day that I heard my dad yelling for my mom to call the fire department because it had caught fire *in* the garage. They were able to push it out into the open before the fire department arrived...sirens blaring at 6am.