Saturday, January 14, 2017


Protesting is one thing, but stopping someone else's freedom of speech is un-American:
Milo Yiannopoulos, the alt-right-friendly media figure and Breitbart tech editor who is permanently banned from Twitter, was scheduled to speak at the University of California-Davis on Friday, but student-protesters mobbed the scene, forcing event organizers to cancel his appearance.

Given the unruly state of the protesters, university officials informed Yiannopoulos's hosts, the Davis College Republicans, that they could no longer guarantee anyone's safety. This prompted the CRs to cancel the event before Yiannopoulos had a chance to speak.

Martin Shkreli was supposed to speak as well, but because of the actions of irate students, his lecture did not take place, either.

The university initially remained committed to letting the event go forward, despite the administration's fervent opposition to Yiannopoulos's message. But fights broke out, according to local news reporters. Someone even poured hot coffee on a photojournalist.
Leftists are the fascists they decry.

Update, 1/16/17: Milo went to UC Davis on Saturday, stating that the College Republicans only canceled his talk because the administration said the CR's would be responsible for any damage done by protesters.  View video here if you cannot below.


Jean said...

Milo's probably thrilled about the whole thing. The people who object to him would be much better off ignoring him; if he spoke to an audience of 3, now THAT would make him mad. (3 is the number of people in Davis I estimate to actually be interested in what Milo has to say. Dude went off the deep end some time ago.)

Ellen K said...

This is the type of mob rule that produces tyrants. I honestly fear the ignorant bias of this generation of college graduates. They are so utterly confident in their ignorance and cannot, will not, entertain that any ideas beyond their own are worth considering.

Anonymous said...

Those who obstruct traffic (including pedestrian) outside of a properly-permitted area, or who attack people or property, should be arrested. If they are students, they should be expelled, immediately. A few colleges did this, in the 60s, and the problems ended. In addition, restricting college to those whose SAT/ACT scores indicate readiness, bringing back freshman weeder courses and closing academically useless majors/departments (xyz aggrieved-victim studies etc) are also desirable steps, since there would be vastly fewer unserious students and strong disincentives for inappropriate and illegal activism, at the expense of academics. I was on campus, in the 60s, and those spending significant time on protests tended to (1) flunk out or (2) were outside agitators - lots. There were few low-work-required majors, then, outside of the Ed school, which was not then a full-time SJW home.

If illegal, foreign students or visitors, they - and their families - should be deported. ( I understand that the President may expand the categories of those eligible for expedited action, which does not require judicial process). Foreigners coming here and breaking (more, in the case of illegals) laws should not be tolerated.

The sources of funds hiring such lawbreakers should be traced and prosecuted.

Mike Thiac said...

Darren, again, you're missing it. These are liberals, and when they suppress speech, it's different :<)