Saturday, January 28, 2017

Training People To Hate

If you want to build a team, if you want cooperation, if you want people to get along, you focus on what they have in common, not what makes them different.  Perhaps this explains why the left wants to divide Americans along race, gender, and any other lines they come across.  This certainly explains why leftist university administrators have turned their schools into cauldrons of boiling hate:
A freshman at Princeton University, an Ivy League school in New Jersey, penned an article in Quillette​ discussing the hostile climate that the university fosters in 21st century America. Titled "Diversity for the Sake of Democracy," Carrie Pritt started the article with the following words: “Stand up if you identify as Caucasian.” Pritt follows this hook by explaining how the leaders of an orientation event deliberately divided people into various demographics.
Pritt follows that this was part of a "diversity" event:
This mandatory orientation event was designed to help us appreciate our diversity as a student body during the first week of classes. But what did it really accomplish? In compressing us into isolated communities based on our race, religion or gender, the minister belittled every other piece of our identities. He faced a crowd of singular young adults and essentially told them that their heritage outweighed their humanity.  The message was clear: know your kind and stick to it. Don’t risk offending people from other backgrounds by trying to understand their worldviews.
She continues by explaining how Princeton has become "disturbingly homogenous" in its political leanings from faculty and students, citing political correctness and walk-outs from non-progressive speakers on campus. In addition, she mentions how professors and students openly referred to Donald Trump supporters as "uneducated bigots" and said anyone who opposed Hillary Clinton is sexist. Pritt further explains that this is not only dangerous for college campuses, but also the United States as a whole.


Pseudotsuga said...

Add Princeton to the list of colleges from which to NOT hire candidates...

Ellen K said...

It's seeping down to public schools. Some of the stuff that is passing down is absolutely baffling.

Auntie Ann said...

This strikes me as similar to the anti-bullying seminars we are giving our kids. Without any study of whether these things work, they have spread like wildfire. When studies began trickling in, they showed that the programs did more to teach bullies new techniques than they did to reduce bullying.

Just like the diversity training, they are actually the opposite. Diversity training teaches discrimination. Anti-bullying training actually trains the bullies.

How about going back to something far more proven, universal, and successful: how about we teach basic manners! The teaching of manners is, at its heart, a teaching of respect towards all others.

Auntie Ann said...

Keep in mind, also, that many of these schools now have "the diversity question" on their applications, as in: How will you bring diversity to our campus?

These schools are putting down a marker before the kids even finish applying.

PeggyU said...

Well, at least they have ONE thinking student! Too bad she is a freshman and not a senior.