Monday, January 09, 2017

Don't Have The Tools To Do The Job?

It's been a week and half now since I lost my voice.  It's coming back very slowly but also surely, but the problem is that I have to teach tomorrow.

Today was a teacher work day.  I finished up grading finals and submitting semester grades, and planned at least the next couple days of instruction.  Also met with a student and parent.  To be honest, it was a moderately productive day.

The problem is that I make my living talking, and there's no way I'll be able to talk all day tomorrow--not if I want to be heard by all of my students, even those in the back of the room, after teaching for 5 periods.  I don't think that's going to do my voice much good.

Last year we had a teacher who was, uh--what's the right word?  She wasn't "a dominant force" in the classroom.  She was so--timid?--that she used a speaker system to be heard in her closet-sized classroom.  I asked my principal if we still had that speaker system.  Turns out we don't, as it belonged to the district.  He called the district to see if they could provide me with one.

They asked if I had a doctor's note.  If I did, they'd be required to get me one, but that could take weeks, by which time hopefully my voice will have returned in full.  Not having a doctor's note, though, I'm out of luck, as they don't have any left to lend me.

My principal had a suggestion.  He asked if I'd consider using the huge speakers/microphone we use in the gymnasium during rallies.  Yes, that big and that loud.

Later this afternoon the night-shift custodian brought over 2 monstrous speakers and a mic.  He set it all up, showed me which buttons to push, and checked that everything worked.  I'm still concerned about having to talk all day, but hopefully this setup will at least keep me from experiencing a retrograde.  I may not have much of a voice for the job, but this will help.

Check.  Check one two.  Sibbilance.  Sibbilance.

Update, 1/10/17:  I got through the day and my throat isn't shredded.  I hope that I won't need that speaker system by the end of the week, though.

Update, 1/15/17:  I can talk now but the sound is gravelly and not very loud. I can't hit a single note if I try to sing, it's almost as if the voice I have isn't my own.  I may need the speaker system for a few more days.


Mrs. Widget said...

I'm not sure. I have had voice problems before. I work with the students.

on board "I can't talk and need to rest my voice. What can we to to learn?"

Many students rose to the occasion and helped with class as I gestured and pointed.

Mike Thiac said...

Darren, can you rent a smaller PA system?

Darren said...

There's no need to. What I have is clunky, but it works.

I'm not gonna rent anything out of my own pocket, and I'm not going to ask the taxpayer to rent something additional. Whataguy, huh? :-)

Darren said...

Mrs. Widget, I like your idea, too!