Monday, January 02, 2017

Can't Talk

Today has been the 3rd day that I've been completely without a voice.  I woke up on Saturday entirely unable to speak, and it continues today.  I can now make scratchy noises but I don't know if that's progress or not. I don't think I've ever spoken so little over the course of 3 days!

I'm supposed to go see Rogue One with a friend tomorrow. Guess I won't be cheering!


Jean said...

Bummer. I used to be really prone to losing my voice -- one time it happened at Halloween so I went as a Cone of Silence. I have no good tips, except that whispering is hard on your vocal cords and don't do it -- it will take longer to recover. Speak quietly instead, if you can get any sound out. If not....write notes?

teachermrw said...

Sorry to read you're sick. I hope you're feeling better. Good to know you're still blogging; you're one of the few who was blogging back when I took the deep dive back in December 2006. Still blogging, although that original blog is long gone.