Saturday, December 10, 2016

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Liberals like to pretend that they're against voter ID laws because they think someone, somewhere, might be disenfranchised.  Since you can't do much of anything in the country without ID, there can't be that many people who would truly be disenfranchised.  Liberals, if you want to show that you truly are the compassionate folks you claim to be, seek these people out and help them get IDs.  And in California, which is run lock, stock, and barrel by liberals, lobby to have the state issue free IDs to citizens--once people have proven they are who they say they are, of course.

But we all know liberals don't want voter ID laws because--and I truly believe this--liberals know they won't win without voter fraud.

So when libs whine that the election was rigged (it probably was, but Clinton was such a bad candidate that she couldn't win an election rigged in her favor), and Jill Stein, et al., demand recounts, they can't really get upset when the people respond to their concerns:
Be careful what you wish for … you just might get it. Jill Stein didn’t get the recount she wanted in Michigan, but she did get the state to take vote-integrity issues seriously. Meeting in its lame-duck session, the state House of Representatives passed a tough voter-ID bill that includes $3 million for funding of free state identification and birth certificates after over 18,000 voters cast ballots without identification in the presidential election...

Current law requires a photo ID too, but also allows for voters to sign an affidavit under oath that attests to their identity and eligibility. The House might have had ample reason to wonder about abuse under that system when looking at the distribution of the practice. The Detroit News’ Jonathan Oostling reports that almost half of all such votes took place in heavily Democratic Wayne County, and almost 6,000 in the city of Detroit alone. That seems oddly disproportional, given that Wayne County accounted for just 16% of the state’s total.
If you complain about bad elections, you should support voter ID laws.


PhillipMarlowe said...

So, why do we need voter ID laws?
Were they in place from the start and rescinded/changed/judged to be illegal at some point in time?

Darren said...

We need them because the evidence of rampant voting fraud, especially on the left, can no longer be ignored.

Pseudotsuga said...

Current non-ID voting laws depend HEAVILY on the trustworthiness of the electorate.
Naw, I tell a's not about the electorate at all, like the political masters tell us, because the vote makers and shakers are the ones actually gaming the system-- we can't trust them.
If any side can get an advantage in an election via illegal voting practices, then we need to reduce the numbers of illegal votes, no matter which side it effects.

PhillipMarlowe said...

Again, thanks.
I looked up some information on voting fraud, checking National Review first.
I found this recent article:
From there, I followed up with this group:
I will write that they don't provide evidence "rampant voting fraud."
Especially that led to this by Republicans in North Carolina:
“Before enacting that law, the legislature requested data on the use, by race, of a number of voting practices,” Motz wrote. “Upon receipt of the race data, the General Assembly enacted legislation that restricted voting and registration in five different ways, all of which disproportionately affected African Americans.”

The panel found the law was passed with racially discriminatory intent, violating the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act. It said that “intentionally targeting a particular race’s access to the franchise because its members vote for a particular party, in a predictable manner, constitutes discriminatory purpose.”

The Republicans in NC did not make the offer to provide free state IDs.

Darren said...

They should.

Then again, I don't hear anyone on the left claiming that another constitutional right, that of firearms possession, be provided free. Registration and background checks cost money.