Saturday, November 12, 2016

What A Disappointment

This happens every few years--I seem to recall one such incident during West Point's Golden Age (1983-87)--but it's damned disappointing when it does:
Six cadets have been charged with drug-related offenses and placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation, according to the U.S. Military Academy.

Five members of the class of 2017...and one member of the class of 2016...have been charged under military law with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and wrongful use, introduction and distribution of controlled substances, according to the academy.

The six cadets, who have been placed on leave away from the academy, will go through a court-martial process, which began on Thursday when they were charged.

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Ellen K said...

I don't know why some of the best and allegedly brightest do such dumb things. We had a similar, but smaller incident, where one of the elite public schools with a sterling reputation found out a group of otherwise bright kids had cheated on the AP exams. Why? When asked every single one of them said they knew the material-but it was just easier to slip out their cell phones and cheat. This was before stricter testing recommendations came into play. But even in my school currently I find kids openly cheating-copying homework, seeking solutions to problems on the internet, rather than doing their own work. I've even had students cheat in art, by having other, more talented people do their projects. Have today's parents pushed so hard for perfection that today's kids are willing to win at all costs? What happened to ethics, honest, honor? It seems those qualities are sadly lacking in our younger generations-nowhere is this more evident than the chaos in Portland OR.