Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Break, Day 1

I don't consider the weekends to be part of break time :-)

This morning I went to the DMV to pick up my personalized license plates.  I had an appointment, walked in a few minutes early, and there was no line.  Checked in and was given a number, and before I could even sit down, my number was called. 

Plates look good on my pickup :-)

I was in a meeting all day on Friday, so my substitute was left with the task of giving quizzes in each of my 5 classes.  I brought them home to grade.  Knocked out one class today, my plan is to do a class a day until they're all graded.

I haven't watched any NFL this season because the league (not just the idiot from the 49ers) has been taking an anti-American stance.  A friend asked me to meet him at a restaurant tonight to watch the game, though, and since we don't see each other often at all, I'll suspend my personal boycott tonight.

That will pretty much be my Monday.


Jean said...

Did you get one of those fancy plates? I have to admit I kind of like the retro black and gold ones. :)

Ellen K said...

I admire your boycott stance. My husband hasn't been as fervent a fan-although the Cowboys' Cinderella season is pretty amazing. I've heard NFL viewing is way down-a combination of protests and the stupid decision to make an NFL network that nobody can afford.We watch NHL hockey instead. We watch the Dallas Stars and the Chicago Blackhawks. The crowds there along with the players seem pretty pro-American-even the Canadian ones.

Darren said...

Jean, I got a veteran's plate with West Point's Assn of Graduates logo on it.