Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One Of Those Days

I got to school this morning, socialized for a moment, then headed straight to the office to the principal's secretary.

"How are we on subs today?"
"We're one short."
"Fine, I'll stay."

It should be pretty clear how I felt at 7:30 this morning.  I gutted it out all day, but now that I'm home, it's herbal tea and rest for me.  I've already put in for a sub for tomorrow, but given how little our district pays substitutes, and how many people I know of at just my school who will be out tomorrow, I don't have high confidence that  there will be someone waiting for my classes tomorrow.

If I feel great by 4am, I can cancel the sub request and go in.  Otherwise, there's no way in heck I'm going to suffer through another day like I did today.

Nap time now....


Anonymous said...

I'm also sick and had a hard time functioning today. Must be a weird bug going around.

Ellen K said...

It used to be that you could accrue sick days through your career and get paid on a per deum when you retired. I know people who accrued entire months over thirty years. I guess districts saw that as too costly and stopped paying. I've gone to work with the flu, two days after breaking my nose, with sinus infections, and in one misbegotten instance five days after having an appendectomy. At the time, we so desperately needed the money I earned that I felt if I was absent the job would go away. All of these were mistakes. But having said that, even now with a soaring migraine that cries out for a day off, I can't miss because my AP classes would get behind and the schedule is hitting under the wire as it is. I look forward to Spring when I will have a student teacher and mostly Art One classes that I can leave with assignments that even the most clueless sub can cover.