Saturday, November 12, 2016

He's Angry About A Trump Presidency--But I Agree With His Message

Speaking to his fellow lefties:  "Stop thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is evil or racist or sexist or stupid and talk to them.  Persuade them otherwise, because if you don't, I'll tell you what you get--you get President Trump."

It's unfortunate that it took a presidential freakin' election for some lefties to admit that insulting and denigrating and dismissing the opinions of half the country is not the way to win friends and influence people.  I hope the lesson will stick, but I'm not optimistic.


Mrs. Bluebird said...

Exactly. I live in the dismissively called "flyover" country and people here are sick and tired of being treated like we're a bunch of racist morons. We aren't. The fact that we live south makes it worse - we're a bunch of racist southern morons. At least that's what the liberal elites say. They need to leave the bubble and see the pain that the past 8 years has caused.

Ellen K said...

What the Democrats have not learned is that embracing any -ism based group is automatically to exclude everyone else. People are tired of having to walk on eggshells. It speaks volumes that even in my Texas public high school, the day after the election there were three of us in one classroom glad to have avoided a Hillary Clinton presidency-but we felt we could not publicly in our school express that relief. Why, in an American public school, where liberals in social studies and language arts publicly and proudly have their political views on display, should we have to hide in fear? All you have to do is look at Portland and other cities where protests have erupted into adult level tantrums. That there are groups actively working to try to overturn a legal election should be disturbing to all Americans because that is mob rule, and mob rule always leads to bad outcomes.

Steve USMA '85 said...

Darren, my kids showed me this last night. I was going to send to you but obviously you've seen it. Anyway, minor point about this is I too agree with what he is saying. However, it would come across much better in my opinion, if he did not yell the whole thing and drop who knows how many f-bombs and the like. He's calling for rationale discussion by yelling at the people he wants to calm down. Not the best technique from my experiences.

Darren said...

While true, he's trying to communicate with people who are yelling and dropping F-bombs. He's one of them.

He doesn't have to convince people like you and me.