Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump's Foul Talk

Yep, it was foul.  But as I've said so many times:  he says mean things, Clinton does mean things.

All of you Clinton supporters pretending to be upset over Trump's comments:  you supported and voted for a rapist, and now you're supporting and voting for the wife of that rapist.  And she's not innocent; no, she trashed those women in public, and even hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Paula Jones.  I guess all victims of sexual assault should be believed unless they were assaulted by her husband, right?

I guess I'd feel more sympathy for you and your outrage if I had never encountered the phrase "Sarah Palin is a c**t" back in 2008.

"Cocks not Glocks" got invited to the White House?  Brandishing dildos in public is so good that you get invited to the White House, but vulgar language a decade or more ago is bad?

Your "trumped-up outrage" doesn't impress me:
Now why might it be that men regard women as sex objects? Surely the ravenous purchase by females of stiletto heels, push-up bras, butt-hugging mini-skirts, plunging necklines, false eyelashes, hair extensions, breast implants, butt implants, lip implants, and mascara, rouge, and lipstick to the tune of billions a year has nothing to do with it. Females would never ever exploit their sexuality to seek attention from men. Bush and Trump, driving to the set of Days of Our Lives on a studio bus, comment on the legs of actress Arianne Zucker who is coming to meet them: “Oh, nice legs, huh?” Trump says. “Your girl’s hot as shit, in the purple,” Bush says. How surprising that Trump and Bush noticed Zucker’s legs! As documented in the video, she is wearing a skimpy purple dress, with an extremely short hem cut on the bias, a low neckline and fully exposed back. She is in high heels to accentuate her bare legs. The ratio of exposed skin between Zucker, on the one hand, and Trump and Bush, on the other, is perhaps 100 to one. But all that bare flesh must simply be because Zucker has a high metabolism and gets exceedingly warm; she would never want to broadcast her sexuality to men or have men notice her. The fact that she swishes her hips when she walks must just be a quirk of anatomy.
Now, I don't argue that Trump's comments are costing him big time.  What I argue is that such talk only matters if you're a Republican.  Use your intern as a humidor and no one cares--if you have a (D) after your name.    I also argue that Trump's language isn't as important as what Friday's Wikileaks dump says about what Clinton has done.

We've already had almost 8 years of one affirmative action president.  He's been a disaster; I'm hard-pressed to think of one thing I can actually support him on.  Now we're poised to elect our second affirmative action president in a row.  No matter which of the two major candidates is elected, we'll be in bad straits; Clinton's election, though, will be worse for America.

But at least she keeps her potty mouth to herself, right?  You can sleep well at night knowing that.  While she sleeps with a rapist.

The Republic is doomed.


mmazenko said...

D., this is a new low for you. He's "talking" about actions he took - actions that are undeniably sexual assault. The dismissive "locker room talk" comment is the nadir for complacency toward cultural acceptance of sexual abuse.

While I understand your legitimate opposition to Democratic policies, and I support your criticisms of the current administration, your willingness to in any way defend or downplay Donald Trumps words about his actions is simply disturbing.

You should have just left this one alone.

Auntie Ann said...

I keep woefully holding my head in my hands while chanting: you get the politicians you get the politicians you deserve...

The bottom line is we are not a serious country. No one cares that we're in debt up to our eyeballs. No one cares that large portions of the world are spinning out of control.

No, but did you hear how Kim Kardashian was robbed at gun point!?

You get the politicians you deserve.

Darren said...

mmazenko, you are mistaken. Unless I am mistaken, and I don't believe I am, he was *not* saying that he had done those things to an unwilling participant. As I understand what he was saying, it was just talk--foul, to be certain, but just talk.

Were his words *from a decade ago* worse than the words played over the radio by the president's good friend Jay-Z, a guy who has had more invites to the White House than anyone I personally know? :-)

mmazenko said...

D., it's disgusting, revolting, and illegal behavior. And deferring blame and responsibility by saying others do it too is just shameful.

You are a man and a husband and a father and a teacher. Show some respect for the women - both young and old - and don't diminish the abusive culture that many face every day. Do not condone the "locker room talk" exuse. Do not diminish that man's behavior. Do not condone this or excuse it away. You are better than that.

Seriously, keep up your criticisms of Clinton and Democratic policies. It's valid and we can respect it. But don't get down in the mud with this person. It's beneath your dignity.

This really saddens me.

And we will have to get together for a lemonade or coffee in about 25 years when we're old, retired, and grumpy, and we'll talk about the innacurate statement about "the republic." It's just an election cycle - don't be so hysterical.

Darren said...

Quit trying to equate words with action. He talked, Bill did--and I'm betting that you voted for Bill "I used a woman as a humidor" Clinton. So don't get all righteous with me.

And I've never been a husband.

I show respect for women. I treat them as equals, not delicate flowers. They weren't intended to hear what he said--and that's perfectly ok. If boors couldn't be president then we wouldn't have had Johnson, Kennedy, and Roosevelt in just the 20th century.

Mike Thiac said...

D., it's disgusting, revolting, and illegal behavior. And deferring blame and responsibility by saying others do it too is just shameful.

mmazenko, I got it, it's disgusting and revolting. I must say I'm impressed with the regressives finding outrage with ugly words. I wonder if that will carry over with the libtards next time we have a wardrobe malfunction in a Super Bowl half time or a rap "artist" has another album.

But I must ask, how is this illegal behavior? Please, enlighten me, what part of the NY Penal Code did Trump violate?

mmazenko said...

No, he talked and bragged about what he did. He said he did it - and numerous women have validated that claim. Damn, how can you be so obtuse? Stop shifting to other men's sins - it doesn't negate what Donald Trump did - and there is ample evidence over years from numerous women about what he did.

D., you are a teacher, which means you have a legal and moral responsibility to protect and advocate for victims in cases like this. I sincerely hope that you would never downplay "locker room talk" as just words, not actions if you encountered it in your profession. But I have my doubts about your convictions in this case.

I think I'll cancel that offer of a lemonade down the year.

Darren said...

No, I *don't* have a legal and moral to protect and advocate for victims in cases like this. I have seen no evidence that he's done anything untoward with unwilling participants, Gloria Allred-like last-minute complaints to the contrary.

I'm not shifting to other men's sins--how can you teach logic in English when you interpret so poorly? I fault the FAUX-outrage of you on the left, when you laud, support, and vote for a known rapist--one who paid $850,000 to Paula Jones, who lost his license to practice law for year because of his lying under oath, who has actual *guilt*.

I'm applying your own standards to Donald Trump. If you don't like the results, it's because your *standards* are flawed (in that you only want them to apply to Republicans).

Ellen K said...

Trump is the typical rich guy who says more than he does. Bill Clinton on the other hand, is a serial abuser with a list of victims as long as Bill Cosby's That Hillary covered for him and attacked his victims demonstrates her lack of moral compass. Hillary lied to the families of the victims of Benghazi. She knowingly broke national security laws in order to circumvent conventional surveillance and not one person in the media has stopped to ask why. What's sickening is any other Republican, especially Ted Cruz, could have beat Hillary handily but the media went along with Trumps smear campaigns. Now those same media outlets are going after Trump. I agree with you, Trump says things, but Hillary does evil. Civil Wars have been fought over less.

Ellen K said...

PS. If these issues were out there 11 years ago regarding Trump, why is the media bringing it up right now, now that Wikileaks is heating up with damning evidence of Hillary's crimes?

Mike Thiac said...

“No, he talked and bragged about what he did. He said he did it - and numerous women have validated that claim. Damn, how can you be so obtuse? Stop shifting to other men's sins - it doesn't negate what Donald Trump did - and there is ample evidence over years from numerous women about what he did.”

Mike, if anything, you are consistent. You can’t answer a simple question.

I asked what part of the law if he had violated, and you can’t answer me. Or won’t. It blows your “argument” out of the water.

I actually watched the video again and while his words are vulgar, easily described a walker room or barracks talk, it’s not proof of sexual assault. And trust me, I’ve heard much worse in my life walking through a barracks.

And for some reason you have an issue with Trump, yet you are supporting Bubba Clinton’s greatest enabler, Mrs. Bill Clinton. You know, the head of the Bimbo Eruption unit, the woman who went out to not negate Paula Jones, et all, but to destroy them.

PS: Wrong again Mike, Darren (and you, BTY) are under no legal obligation to “protect and advocate” for purported victims. You are making the presumption that the women is saying the “truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth…” Stick to teaching pal, you would suck as a cop.