Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Northern Lights

Saw a deal online, talked to a friend about it, told him that the deal ends tonight, and his reply was "book it."

Over "ski week" in February we'll be traveling to Reykjavik to (hopefully) see the Northern Lights.

The only time I've seen Reykjavik before was when there was next to no darkness; this time I'll be going when there's very little light.  It'll be interesting to note the differences.


Bob Nye said...

Darren - I hope you get a great view of the Northern Lights. My best experience was flying an overnight from Magadan, Russia to Anchorage. We had a two hour show of dancing and flowing multicolored lights.
One of the flight attendants who had flown out of Alaska for over 20 years said it was the most spectacular event she had ever seen.
The lights were so beautiful that I began to seriously think about the existence of a creator, a journey that is ongoing.
Keep up the good work. S/F Bob Nye

Darren said...

I'm going to try to reserve left-side window seats for us on the way there and right-side window seats on the way back--that's looking north both directions. In case it's overcast in Reykjavik.