Monday, October 31, 2016

Some Would Call This "Hate"

If you're willing to give this guy a pass, YOU are part of the problem:
So yeah, I don't want the GOP defeated.

I want it immolated.

I want it razed to the foundation, reduced to a moonscape, left unlivable even for cockroaches, much less newts. I want it treated like boot heels treat ants and furnaces treat ice cubes, treated like a middle-school basketball team playing the '71-'72 Lakers.

Defeat is not enough. Let there be humiliation. Let there be pain.
Yeah, it's the Republicans who won't reach across the aisle.  It's the Republicans who are dividing the country.  It's the Republicans who won't be reasonable.

As I've said 8 zillion times:  Conservatives think liberals are wrong.  Liberals think conservatives are evil.  And that's why liberals are always so angry, so hostile, so violent--because those are the correct responses to evil.  But when you think that half your fellow countrymen are evil, that doesn't bode well for the body politic.

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