Monday, October 31, 2016

Sad News Today

Over two years ago I wrote this post about my visit to St. Maarten, and included video and pictures.  Anyone who's been to St. Maarten will tell you that one of the highlights is being on Maho Beach, watching as the airplanes fly only a few meters above you on their way to the runway only a few dozen meters away.  Seriously, go see the post above!

And then lament that 747's will no longer fly into St. Maarten, removing one of the highest of the highlights:
The world's scariest airplane landing—or coolest, depending on who you ask—happens when KLM flies its Boeing 747 flight into St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport. For years, crowds have gathered on Maho Beach to watch the four-engine jumbo jet barely clear the sand before landing at the Caribbean airport.

But the times are a-changing, and the iconic 747 will no longer make this crazy landing following its final touchdown this morning. KLM flight 785 will start being operated by the much smaller (but still pretty impressive) Airbus 330 on October 30.
I'd still go back.

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