Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Boys Don't Matter

Hard to argue with this:
Young women are taking more honors classes, getting better grades and have a higher overall GPA than their male peers, according to a report compiling SAT Test data.

The report, released by the College Board, looked at the test scores of college-bound seniors in 2016, and reviewed high school data demographics. Girls, it turns out, are doing much better in high school than boys. In a chart compiled by American Enterprise Scholar Mark Perry, it's clear that girls are outperforming boys on nearly every level in high school...

Don't expect to hear calls for helping boys perform better in school. Activists have focused so heavily on girls for years now that boys have gotten the message that they no longer matter. It's what Christina Hoff Sommers wrote about in her book "The War Against Boys" nearly two decades ago.

What Perry noted in the chart above isn't new for this year, it's been a trend since before Hoff Sommers' book. Yet the focus is still on girls.
It would only be an issue if the sexes were reversed.


Anonymous said...

I've read about this too. It seems like each gender tends to (not always; everyone is different, but in general) learn differently. Girls thrive with cooperation and guys thrive with competition. Schools are heavily catering their learning towards the former, and neglecting ways to incorporate the other.

Anonymous said...

Also, the insistence on group work, and the way it is implemented, means that groups are likely to be controlled by the most socially adept - IOW girls. Teachers often do not see their controlling/bullying behavior and perhaps they once were that girl. The odds of the smartest guys being allowed to form their own group are apparently very poor; my kids experience was that groups had to be mixed-ability, so the top kids would do the work and the hopelessly lost would get good grades.