Monday, September 19, 2016

It's Not Just Trouble That Comes In Threes

My current master's class, on measurement/assessment, has several types of assignments we must do.  We must read each of 16 chapters, respond in writing to each of 16 chapters, and respond to at least one classmate's comments about each chapter.  Additionally, we must write a paper on our personal philosophy regarding measurement and evaluation, conduct a "mini-review" of literature on a related topic, and submit a measurement and evaluation project.

That's a lot of stuff.

I've decided that in the 60-90 minutes a night that I devote to the course, I need to do three things.  Tonight, for example, I completed my "philosophy" paper and responded to 2 classmates' writings on different chapters.  Tomorrow I might read a chapter, write my thoughts on it, and start one of the other projects.

I find that breaking my work up this way keeps me from getting bored or overwhelmed, and allows me to chip away at the zillions of little parts listed on the course syllabus.  My personality type is one that likes to make lists and then cross off items as they're completed, and my "three" method allows me to do a lot of crossing off.

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