Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Whatever Happens, Happens

We had a professional development day at school yesterday, and today was our teacher workday.  I had already gotten my classroom set up (there's not much to do besides setting up my desk/computer/equipment) so I took care of some administrative tasks.

I have all new textbooks so I could have started some planning, but I work best under a time constraint!  The other pre-calculus teacher and I will meet tomorrow to plan out our pacing for that course, and since I'm our only statistics teacher, I can figure that out on my own.

By 2:30 I had already gotten more than frustrated trying to log in and access all the online goodies that came with our new textbook adoption--conflicting instructions, incorrect codes, you'd think someone could do a better job than that--and at 3:00 the contractors (see link below) were supposed to shut off all our power, so I just decided to leave for home.

I'm as prepared for tomorrow as I can be.  Whatever happens, happens.

By the way, the concrete is poured around most of the office as of today.  Some things that are supposed to have been done by tomorrow will not be, but I'm honestly surprised they got as far as they did.

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