Monday, August 01, 2016

Those Racist (Union) Teachers

Teachers are a bunch of racists, apparently, since darker colored students have lower educational outcomes and more disciplinary issues than lighter colored students.  Rather than going for the low-hanging fruit of crying racism, though, what if there were an easier, more effective way to go about resolving this dilemma?
Better teaching can improve student behavior and close the racial discipline gap, suggests a new study published in School Psychology Review.  Virginia middle and high school teachers who received coaching in improving instruction referred fewer students for discipline: Blacks were no more likely to be referred than other students.

The “teacher coaching did not explicitly focus on equity or implicit bias, or draw teachers’ attention to their interactions with black students,”  reports Madeline Will in Education Week Teacher. “It was focused on skills in effectively interacting with any student.”
I've always found it entertaining that the CTA goes full bore into the equity/bias/racism sputum, thereby denigrating their own teachers in the process.

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