Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Vul-Con Celebrity Guests

I attended all the guest Q&A's except for Julie Cobb/Rosemary Morgan, which cost extra.
Adam Nimoy, Leonard's son

Garrett Wang, who was not an official Vul-con guest but shows up almost every year (Voyager)

Sally Kellerman (appeared in TOS 2nd pilot Where No Man Has Gone Before)

Robin Curtis (Star Trek III and IV)

Manu Intiraymi (Voyager)

Robert Beltran (Voyager)

Andrew Robinson (DS9)

Dominic Keating (Enterprise)

I found the Q&A's illuminating.  Some of the actors didn't like their colleagues.  Some didn't like the way the writers treated their characters.  Some seemed to be acting, not being all that genuine ("actor's gonna act").  Some seemed to be real people.  Well worth the money.


Steve USMA '85 said...

Which category do you think Dominic Keating fell in? He was my favorite character from Enterprise.

Darren said...

Keating kept us entertained, but he seemed very much to be "acting" up there on stage.