Monday, June 27, 2016

Turn Up The Heat

With a security gate, a pit bull, as well as other surprises, I enjoy sleeping with my front door and bedroom windows open.  The house gets aired out with nice cool nighttime air and I sleep like a baby.  My usual procedure is to close the house up by 9 or 10 am, when the house temp is in the low 70s, and wait for the a/c to come on when it hits 75.

This morning I was up at the god-forsaken hour of 7:48, and the house didn't seem cool.  It wasn't, at least it wasn't as cool as it usually is.  It was already 75 inside.

Looks like it's gonna be a hot one today.


Ellen K said...

Here we celebrate when it's not over 80 in the morning this time of year.

LeftCoastRef said...

Sounds like the debate in SacTown will be heated today. Didn't you say something about this back in 2008 when this ridiculous bill was on the ballot?

Darren said...

I have been against this fiasco from Day 1.