Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pictures From the Mexico Cruise

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Leaving the dock in Long Beach, with the Queen Mary and what was formerly the hangar for the Spruce Goose:

The view from my cabin, as we were passing (what I think was) Catalina Island:

This 20-something kid and I were both going to do the 80s Music Trivia contest alone, so we joined forces.  Most teams had a lot more than 2 people; still, he and I managed to score every single point and win!  Since the kid earned all our "bonus points", usually by dancing to the songs after each answer was read off, I let him keep the "ship on a stick" trophy--but I got this picture and bragging rights!

Docked in Puerto Vallarta:

View south from a pier in Puerto Vallarta, 3+ miles from the ship:

View north from the same pier:

Eli, one of our shore excursion guides, explaining the ~2700 year old petroglyphs:

At the Vallarta Botanical Garden:

The marina in Cabo San Lucas:

The Arch, probably the most photographed hole-in-a-rock in the world:

More of the Marina area in Cabo:


David said...

I enjoy doing the cruise trivia games. Great way to meet people. Usually win at least once a cruise; couple times a lot more than once.

Congrats on the win

Darren said...

Sadly I scored only 50% in Nerd Trivia. They asked a lot of 90s anime questions--yeah, like I'm going to know those! The 3 Star Trek questions were *way* too easy, though :-)

If *I* were running a Star Trek trivia, here would be the first question I'd ask: The original series Enterprise was Constitution-class. The Next Generation Enterprise-D was Galaxy-class. What class was Enterprise-C? (Bonus point: Who was Enterprise-C's captain?)

The person who came up with the questions had no idea what they were doing, though, ie, Which movie had a robot named Klaatu? (The Day The Earth Stood Still was the answer they were looking for, but in that movie Klaatu was a humanoid. The robot was Gort. The robot's name was most certainly *not* Klaatu Barada Nikto. *sigh*)

David said...

On one cruise, they asked how long is the french president's term? (we said 7 years and they were looking for 5).
About 10 days later, question was asked again by another crew member? (we said 5 and said they were looking for 7 so we protested and lost).