Wednesday, June 01, 2016

My Afternoon

Tomorrow's the last day of school, so because of finals we got out early today.  As I was driving home at 1pm or so it was over 100 degrees out; when I got home my programmable thermostat was still set at 85 because I wasn't supposed to be home for a couple more hours.

But it wasn't 85 in the house, it was only 78 or so, and a couple days ago I turned down the temperature of my waterbed so that it wouldn't keep me toasty warm at night!  Only about 5 degrees up in the winter, 5 degrees down in the summer, but boy what a difference those 5 degrees make!

It was so hot out, and since I didn't sleep well last night I was so tired--and lying down on that cool, cool waterbed was heaven.  A two hour nap seemed like two seconds.

Vacation is so close!

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