Monday, March 28, 2016

The Definition of Counterproductive

Usually, teachers unions do everything they can, by fair means or foul, to get people into their union or at least to get them to pay dues.  The Chicago Teachers Union is giving teachers a get-out-of-the-union free card, if this story is to be believed:
Some Chicago Public Schools teachers who aren’t sold on their union’s decision to call a one-day strike will face consequences if they cross the picket line on April 1.

A South Side high school teacher who asked not to be identified told me that she learned her plan to show up to school on the so-called “Day of Action” would get her kicked out of the union.

“It was said to me as a matter of fact that the consequence of choosing to come to school is being kicked out of the union,” the teacher said. “I’m furious about the whole thing"...

CTU financial secretary Kristine Mayle said teachers considering showing up to work on April 1 have been informed of provisions in the union bylaws that relate to “strike breakers” that date back to at least 1971.

“We put out information in response to questions but we are not trying to threaten members. But if someone crosses the picket line they undermine the union. We have to do this together or it doesn’t work,” Mayle said.

“We are following the constitution. If you cross the picket line you are considered a strikebreaker. Once that is reported to the office … we have a series of meetings and the committee determines whether to revoke your union membership.”

A teacher excommunicated by CTU would still have to pay union fees because they receive the benefits of contract negotiations, but they lose other benefits including union-provided liability insurance, according to a memo sent to a member who crossed the picket line during the 2012 teachers strike obtained by DNAinfo Chicago.
Any organization that has to threaten you in order to keep you in line isn't worth your time, membership, or money.  Two words:  agency fee.

Hat tip:  Larry Sand, President of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.

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