Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Leap Day

Yesterday, February 29th, was Leap Day.  And we teachers are better off for it.

Leap day doesn't affect hourly employees at all.  There are 8 hrs in the day, and they work them.  No big deal.

Leap day sucks for most salaried employees.  They're paid a fixed amount no matter how many days are in the year.  Every fourth year they work an extra day because there's an extra day in the year.  Sucks to be them.

But teachers, well, instead of an extra day of work we teachers get an extra day of vacation!  Here's how:  Teachers are salaried, but unlike other salaried employees, our year is of fixed length.  I work 185 days no matter how many days are in the calendar year.  Every 4 years there's an extra day in the year but I don't have to work an extra day.  Therefore, that extra day is an extra day of vacation.

It's not much, but it's another small perk of being a teacher :-)

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