Friday, March 25, 2016

Fair Is Fair

I'm not saying this law is right, it's not. I'm not saying it was enforced the way laws should be, either.

However, such laws--and there are myriad laws that are primarily enforced against men--will only be gotten rid of when they're equally enforced against women. Or, in this case, girls:

Twelve-year-old Breana Evans was arrested after pinching a boy’s butt at an Orlando-area middle school and charged with misdemeanor battery for the cheeky attack.

“I regret it because I didn’t know it would lead to this,” Evans told WKMG. “I feel like it’s just stupid — just a stupid charge that shouldn’t have to happen.”

Her victim, a fellow classmate at Milwee Middle School, didn’t want to press charges, but his mother jumped in and told police he wanted the preteen prosecuted for battery.
Not that it matters legally, of course, but left unsaid in the article is whether or not the boy liked it.

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