Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Snacks On Student Birthdays

I've (jokingly) told students that on their birthdays, they should bring me a cupcake or donut or something similar in celebration.

Today a girl, let's call her Susan, brought in a pink box.  It contained about a half-dozen donuts, and I thought she was offering me one.  No, she gave me the whole thing for her birthday!  In fact, on top of the box she had written "Happy Susan's Birthday!" 

I ate the chocolate one, and then received her permission to share the remaining ones in the staff lounge.

Someone had given her funfetti cupcakes.  And balloons.  And that was just 1st period....


PeggyU said...

I want to be Susan's friend. :) Tell her I like Krispy Kreme.

Ellen K said...

While sometimes it is disruptive if carried too far, it's really sad that schools no longer allow even little kids a chance to celebrate.